Educational or Curriculum

Across Ages

Initiative Description: Across Ages, an intergenerational approach to drug and alcohol prevention. The program consists of three major elements: (1) a mentoring program in which youths are matched with older adults who provide ongoing support and encouragement in weekly interactions; (2) community service activities designed to promote involvement with and better understanding of the frail elderly; and (3) a school-based life skills curriculum

Study Results: Mentoring was associated with significantly lower levels of problem behavior and substance use and significantly higher levels of self- confidence, self-control, cooperation, and attachment to the school and family. Moreover, students receiving mentoring reported significantly lower levels of alcohol use.

Reference: Aseltine, R. H., Dupre, M., & Lamlein, P. (2000). Mentoring as a drug prevention strategy: An evaluation of across ages. Adolescent and Family Health, 1(1), 11–20.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good