Educational or Curriculum

Click City ®: Tobacco

Initiative Description: Click City ® : Tobacco is a computer-based tobacco prevention program designed to be implemented in 5th-grade classrooms with a booster in 6th grade. The program targets etiological mechanisms predictive of future willingness and intentions to use tobacco and the initiation of tobacco use.

Study Results: Decreased intention and willingness to smoke.

Reference: Andrews, J. A., Gordon, J. S., Hampson, S. E., Christiansen, S. M., Gunn, B., Slovic, P., & Severson, H. H. (2011). Short-term efficacy of Click City®: Tobacco: changing etiological mechanisms related to the onset of tobacco use. Prevention Science, 12(1), 89–102.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good