Educational or Curriculum

HeartPower! Program

Initiative Description: A classroom-based education for the third and fourth graders could change their knowledge scores about healthy heart. Over a course of 8 weeks, health educators and sport teachers of the elementary schools presented two hours sessions per week on heart function, nutrition, and exercise for healthy heart and living tobacco free for the intervention group. The education program was based on HeartPower! Program, an American Heart Association program.

Study Results: Improved cardiovascular health knowledge.

Reference: Nabipour, I., Imami, S. R., Mohammadi, M. M., Heidari, G., Bahramian, F., Azizi, F., & … Larijani, B. (2004). A school-based intervention to teach 3-4 grades children about heart health; The Persian Gulf healthy heart project. Indian Journal Of Medical Sciences, 58(7), 289 296.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good