Educational or Curriculum

The HealthSLAM (HS) program

Initiative Description: The HealthSLAM (HS) program is a health education curriculum designed by Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine (PSUCOM), medical students. The aim of the program is to teach healthy nutrition concepts to fourth-grade students aged 9–10 years. This program utilizes an entirely student-produced, web-hosted, freely accessible video ( to flip the classroom, and it uses medical students to run a classroom session after students have watched the video

Study Results: Improved nutrition knowledge and attitudes.

Reference: McEvoy, C. S., Cantore, K. M., Denlinger, L. N., Schleich, M. A., Stevens, N. M., Swavely, S. C., … & Novick, M. B. (2016). Use of medical students in a flipped classroom program in nutrition education for fourth-grade school students. Health Education Journal, 75(1), 38–46.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good