Literature Review

Initiative Description: Systematic Review of School-Based Interventions to Modify Dietary Behavior. The literature search included 8 databases sought to identify interventions measuring dietary intake in school settings to students aged 9 to 18.

Study Results: Of the 105 interventions 81 were found to be effective immediately postintervention, irrespective of intensity. Studies that were 6 weeks to 5 months in duration, targeted students’ environment or group (alone or in combination), and reached students only in schools were more effective.

Reference: Racey, M., O’Brien, C., Douglas, S., Marquez, O., Hendrie, G., & Newton, G. (2016). Systematic review of school-based interventions to modify dietary behavior: Does intervention intensity impact effectiveness? Journal of School Health, 86(6), 452–463.

Level of Evidence: 4 out of 5 stars Excellent