Environmental Change



Initiative Description: IMOVE is a school-based environmental intervention designed for middle school cafeterias to promote healthy eating behaviors through increased access to affordable, healthy, and portion-controlled school lunch meals that feature varying ethnic cuisines. Monthly cafeteria events promoted the IMOVE program. IMOVE meals were healthier choices that met stringent nutritional criteria and were offered alongside standard lunch meals

Study Results: Results indicate that nutritionally vulnerable students participate in school lunch and are equally likely to buy healthy alternatives or standard meals

Reference: Greece, J.A.., Kratze, A., DeJong, W., Cozier, Y. C., & Quatromoni, P. A. (2015). Body Mass
Index and sociodemographic predictors of school lunch purchase behavior during a year-
long environmental intervention in middle school. Behavioral Sciences, 5(2), 324-340.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good