Community Partnership

Initiative Description: A group of adults (i.e., steering committee) was charged with developing and implementing a range of strategic activities (e.g., mentoring programs, afterschool clubs, community events, etc.) that would improve the learning environment and increase morale for students, faculty, and staff. The goal of the two-year project was to pilot new projects and programs that would enhance perceptions about the school, as well as to find new ways to support the most successful programs in the future.

Study Results: Community partnerships and programs can increase student attendance rates and significantly improve perceptions of school conditions.
Some of the projects represented in this study immediately made an impact on student attendance, increased family involvement with the school, and resulted in significant gains in student perceptions about their school.

Reference: Nelson, L. l., McMahan, S. K., & Torres, T. (2012). The Impact of a Junior High School Community Intervention Project: Moving Beyond the Testing Juggernaut and Into a Community of Creative Learners. School Community Journal, 22(1), 125-144.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good