Environmental Change

Initiative Description: Provide playground markings based on the sporting playground zonal design. This involved a playground division into three specific games and three color-coded areas: (1) a yellow quiet zone with non-active games, (2) a blue multi-activity area for physical fitness and motor skill improvement, and (3) a red “sports” area (football, basketball). Fun trails and dens, hopscotch or designs of dragons, clock faces, pirate ships, snakes, or ladders were evenly spaced throughout the playground area. Play equipment was also provided (e.g., rackets, balls, huge dies chess, scarfs, hocket sticks).

Study Results: More time spent in MPA, VPA, and MVPA with a concomitant decrease in sedentary behavior.

Reference: Blaes, A., Ridgers, N. D., Aucouturier, J., Van Praagh, E., Berthoin, S., & Baquet, G. (2013). Effects of a playground marking intervention on school recess physical activity in French children. Preventive Medicine: An International Journal Devoted to Practice and Theory,
57(5), 580-584

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good