Initiative Description: The treatment arms were school-based delivery of inhaled steroids, home-based delivery of inhaled steroids, and home-based delivery of inhaled steroids with school-based asthma education, and the control group was no change in current therapy. Students in the treatment arms received beclomethasone (42 mcg/puff) 4 puffs, twice a day, either at school or at home.

Study Results: Improved asthma control and reduced bronchodilator use (P = .025), episodes of nocturnal awakening with asthma symptoms (P = .022), and visits to the primary health care provider.

Reference: Millard, M. W., Johnson, P. T., McEwen, M., Neatherlin, J., Lawrence, G., Kennerly, D. K., & Bokovoy, J. L. (2003). A randomized controlled trial using the school for anti-inflammatory therapy in asthma. Journal Of Asthma, 40(7), 769-776. doi:10.1081/JAS-120023504.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good