Medical – Educational or Curriculum

Kickin’ Asthma intervention.

Initiative Description: Students identified as asthmatic were recruited for each series of the Kickin’ Asthma intervention. The curriculum was delivered by an asthma nurse in a series of four 50-minute sessions. The 4 Kickin’ Asthma sessions were each taught by an OUSD or ALA nurse during 1 period, about 50 minutes in length, and were spaced 1 week apart. The 4 sessions covered (1) lung physiology and asthma basics; (2) triggers, symptoms, and warning signs; (3) medication; and (4) emergencies, problem-solving, and review. Each session has optional modules for skits, games, videos, and role‐playing. Customized letters were sent home to the parents or guardians of all Kickin’ Asthma participants that described the curriculum along with the specific health needs and goals.

Study Results: Students experienced significantly fewer days with activity limitations and significantly fewer nights of sleep disturbance after participation in the intervention. For health care utilization, students reported significantly less frequent emergency department visits or hospitalizations.

Reference: Magzamen, S., Patel, B., Davis, A., Edelstein, J., & Tager, I. B. (2008). “Kickin’ Asthma”: School-based asthma education in an urban community. Journal Of School Health, 78(12), 655-665.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good