The Breathmobile

Initiative Description: Children’s Hospital of Orange County Breathmobile program, which is a school-based asthma program that combines the use of a mobile clinic and a pediatric asthma specialist. The Breathmobile is a 38-ft-long Winnebago that was converted into a state-of-the-art mobile medical clinic with a separate registration area, nursing station,spirometry station, and examination room equipped with internally networked computer terminals with access toAsmaTrax Some families had home visits for individual education and assistance in environmental controls including an initial home survey of the environment and a 3-hour interactive session on understanding the basics of asthma. A second home visit a month later.

Study Results: There was a significant reduction (p < .001) in the annual rates of ER visits, hospitalizations, and school absenteeism when comparing pre- and postentry into the program.

Reference: Liao, O., Morphew, T., Amaro, S., & Galant, S. P. (2006). The Breathmobile[TM]: A novel comprehensive school-based mobile asthma care clinic for urban underprivileged children. Journal Of School Health, 76(6), 313-319.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good