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I Can Control Asthma and Nutrition Now (ICAN) program

Initiative Description: I Can Control Asthma and Nutrition Now (ICAN) program is an innovative school-based program composed of 1) asthma education, (2) nutrition education synthesized with CST, targeting obesity prevention and management, (3) reinforcement visits with a registered nurse (RN) and dietetic intern, and (4) a family information meeting and newsletter. All program delivery was completed during the student’s lunch period & a new blackboard module was posted weekly. After the core education sessions were completed, each student met with an RN and dietetic intern monthly for individualized reinforcement sessions about asthma and nutrition management for 2 months during lunch periods.

Study Results: Asthma knowledge improved, asthma self-efficacy, asthma quality of life, asthma self-care, nutrition knowledge, nutrition self-efficacy, and asthma control were observed.

Reference: Kouba, J., Velsor-Friedrich, B., Militello, L., Harrison, P. R., Becklenberg, A., White, B., Ahmed, A. (2013). Efficacy of the I can Control Asthma and Nutrition now (ICAN) pilot program on health outcomes in high school students with asthma. Journal Of School Nursing, 29(3), 235-247.

Level of Evidence : 2 out of 5 stars Good