Educational or Curriculum

Initiative Description: The intervention consisted of 3 separate educational programs (for school faculty/staff, students with asthma, and peers without asthma) and medical management for the children with asthma (including an Individual Asthma Action Plan, medications, and peak flow meters). Children with asthma were identified using a case detection program and 736 were enrolled in the intervention studyñ

Study Results: Asthma knowledge improved.

Reference: Gerald, L. B., Redden, D., Wittich, A. R., Hains, C., Turner-Henson, A., Hemstreet, M. P., & … Bailey, W. C. (2006). Outcomes for a comprehensive school-based asthma management program. Journal Of School Health, 76(6), 291-296.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good