School Wide Activity

Initiative Description: Mailing monthly lunch menus home to students that highlight low-fat entrees. The monthly menus carried home by students began to indicate the low-fat entree and to compare the fat content of both entrees. In the first month, parents in the intervention schools (2329 households) received a mailing with a copy of the menu, an informational pamphlet on dietary fat, and a letter that described the menu changes and asked the parents to encourage their children to select low-fat entrees. A follow-up telephone survey was performed in one school 1 month after the intervention mailing to assess the recall and impact of the intervention. 16 elementary schools in the Bellevue (Washington) School District were randomly assigned to intervention and control groups

Study Results: Increased low-fat food selection.

Reference: Whitaker, R. C., Wright, J. A., Koepsell, T. D., Finch, A. J., & Psaty, B. M. (1994).
Randomized intervention to increase children’s selection of low-fat foods in school
lunches. The Journal of Pediatrics, 125(4), 535-540

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good