Educational or Curriculum

Competencies for adolescents with a healthy sexuality (COMPAS)

Initiative Description: Competencies for adolescents with a healthy sexuality (COMPAS), a school-based sexual health promotion program in Spain. It consists of five 50-min sessions and has the following objectives: (i) to increase knowledge about HIV and STIs, and perception of risk; (ii) to positively influence attitudes, norms and behaviors related to HIV risk reduction; and (iii) to improve problem-solving skills related to unprotected sex, and social skills to negotiate condom use.

Study Results: Improved knowledge about STDs, attitudes towards people living with
AIDS, intentions to communicate assertively in sexual situations, and condom use skills.

Reference: Morales, A., Espada, J.P., Orgilés, M. (2016). A 1-year follow-up evaluation of a sexual health education program for Spanish adolescents compared with a well-established program. European Journal of Public Health, 26(1), 35–41.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good