Educational or Curriculum

Initiative Description:

School-Based Program for Preventing Adolescent Sexual Harassment. Benzies & Batchies consisted of four complementary elements: (a) an introductory lesson, (b) an educational peer-performed play followed by a peer-led group discussion, (c) three classroom lessons, each 100–150 min, to teach skills and resilience regarding social and sexual behavior; and (d) a closing lesson. The main objective of the intervention was to reduce the risk of sexual harassment behavior among adolescents, both as victims and as perpetrators in hetero and homosexual contexts.

The play was comprised of short scenes in which male and female peer-educators performed examples of sexual harassment (both victimization and perpetration) and of reactions to them. The play lasted 30 min and was followed by a 60-min discussion (Felten and Janssens 2014). The introductory and closing lessons were given in the classroom by the students’ own teacher. The three lessons addressing students’ skills and resilience were presented by experienced and trained social-skills instructors from outside the school.

Study Results: Improved self-esteem and had a positive effect on social norms for rejecting sexual harassment behavior.

Reference: Lijster GP., Felten H., Kok G., Kocken P.L. (2016) Effects of an interactive school-based
program for preventing adolescent sexual harassment: A cluster-randomized controlled
evaluation study. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 45(5), 874-886.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good