Educational or Curriculum

The Youth AIDS Prevention Project (YAPP)

Initiative Description: The Youth AIDS Prevention Project (YAPP) is a school-based, multiple risk reduction program designed to prevent STDs, HIV/AIDS, and substance abuse among young teens attending junior high school. Topics included HIV/AIDS, pregnancy and STD prevention, and enhancement of decision-making and resistance/negotiation skills. Specific activities consisted of lectures, class discussions, video presentations, small group exercises, role plays, brainstorming, educational competitions, and discussion of anonymous questions from students. The classroom program included 10 sessions (one per day over a two-week period.

Study Results: Increased HIV- related preventative behaviors and intentions.

Reference: Levy, S. R., Perhats, C., Weeks, K., Handler, A. S., Zhu, C., & Flay, B. R. (1995). Impact of a school-based AIDS prevention program on risk and protective behavior for newly sexually active students. Journal of School Health, 65(4), 145–151.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good