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The Sexual Ethics for a Caring Society Curriculum (SECS-C)

Initiative Description: The Sexual Ethics for a Caring Society Curriculum (SECS-C). The following eight lessons from the whole curriculum were chosen: (1) Introduction and the Democratic Classroom; (2) Friendship, Love and Lust; (3) Consent and Coercion 1; (4) Consent and Coercion 2; (5) Feelings, Shame and Religion; (6) Media Objectification; (7) Pornography; and (8) Pleasure and Human Rights. A curriculum book and teacher’s manual were created to aid in teaching.

Study Results:Students showed improvements with regard to rape myth attitudes but not with regard to their beliefs in the likelihood of intervening in troublesome sexual situations.

Reference: Lamb, S., & Randazzo, R. (2016). An examination of the effectiveness of a sexual ethics curriculum. Journal of Moral Education, 45(1), 16–30.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good