Educational or Curriculum

Initiative Description: The fifth-grade and sixth-grade curricula included 10 and 13 sessions, respectively (plus a graduation ceremony at the end of each school year). Both curricula focused on the importance and benefits of abstaining from sexual intercourse, provided age-appropriate information about developmental changes associated with puberty and adolescence, and encouraged values clarification and the development of effective decision-making and communication skills as strategies for avoiding early sexual involvement.

Study Results: Intervention significantly decreased a rise over time in the anticipation of having sex in the next 12 months among intervention boys only.

Reference: Koo, H. P., Rose, A., El-Khorazaty, M. N., Yao, Q., Jenkins, R. R., Anderson, K. M., … & Walker, L. R. (2011). Evaluation of a randomized intervention to delay sexual initiation among fifth-graders followed through the sixth grade. Sex Education, 11(1), 27–46.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Very Good