Educational or Curriculum

Positive Prevention Program

Initiative Description: Positive Prevention, a theory-based, HIV/STD prevention education curriculum for high school youth. The curriculum consists of six lessons, 45 minutes in length, delivered in the classroom & uses social learning and cognitive behavior theories to increase a student’s ability to use refusal skills, condoms, and resist peer pressure.

Study Results: Increased positive attitudes toward abstaining from sexual intercourse, increased self-efficacy to abstain from sexual activity, and increased self-efficacy to use condoms. Among students who had not initiated sexual intercourse prior to the pretest, the curriculum significantly reduced the likelihood that they would have initiated sexual activity six months later.

Reference: LaChausse, R. G. (2006). Evaluation of the Positive Prevention HIV/STD curriculum. American Journal of Health Education, 37(4), 203–209.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good