Literature Review

Initiative Description: Review of Curriculum‐based sex and STD/HIV education programs. Fifty‐five studies of curriculum‐based programs were found that met these criteria. Seven of them were abstinence programs and 48 were comprehensive programs. Of all 55 programs, 15% focused only on reducing teen pregnancy, 45% focused only on preventing STD/HIV, and about 40% focused on both.

Study Results: Comprehensive programs have strong evidence that they can delay the initiation of sex, reduce the frequency of sex and number of sexual partners, or increase condom and contraceptive use.

Reference: Kirby, D., & Laris, B. A. (2009). Effective curriculum-based sex and STD/HIV education programs for adolescents. Child Development Perspectives, 3(1), 21–29.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good