Educational or Curriculum

Safer Choices

Initiative Description: Safer Choices is a 2-year, school-based HIV/STD- and pregnancy-prevention program for high school youth. The program included five primary components: School Organization; Curriculum of 10 lessons in the 9th grade and 10 lessons in the 10th grade. Using many interactive activities, the curriculum provided functional knowledge related to HIV, STDs, and pregnancy; Peer Resources and School Environment activities, Parent Education through newsletter and homework’s; and School-Community Linkages.

Study Results: Increased HIV- related preventative behaviors and intentions. Greater impact on males than on females. Greater effects on Hispanics, including a delay in sexual activity, than on other racial/ethnic groups.

Reference: Kirby, D. B., Baumler, E., Coyle, K. K., Basen-Engquist, K., Parcel, G. S., Harrist, R., & Banspach, S. W. (2004). The “Safer Choices” intervention: Its impact on the sexual behaviors of different subgroups of high school students. Journal of Adolescent Health, 35(6), 442–452.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good