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Our Times, Our Choices Curriculum

Initiative Description: The centerpiece of the adapted curriculum consisted of a series of monologues delivered by four fictional teenaged township characters. These monologues were recorded on cassette and played by the teacher during each of the lessons. During the monologues the four characters described themselves, their parents and friends, their school and home life, and their dilemmas concerning whether to use alcohol and/or have sex. The final adapted curriculum, Our Times, Our Choices, consisted of 10 units of 30 minutes each and was delivered over a period of approximately 8 weeks. The objectives of the program were to impart key HIV and alcohol-related facts, enhance students’ understanding of the consequences.

Study Results: Increased HIV- related preventative behaviors

Reference: Karnell, A. P., Cupp, P. K., Zimmerman, R. S., Feist-Price, S., & Bennie, T. (2006). Efficacy of an American alcohol and HIV prevention curriculum adapted for use in South Africa: Results of a pilot study in five township schools. AIDS Education and Prevention, 18(4), 295-310

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good