Educational or Curriculum

Bahamian Focus on Older Youth, (BFOOY)

Initiative Description: HIV prevention program (Bahamian Focus on Older Youth, BFOOY) administered to grade 10 Bahamian youth and parents. 10-sessions with discussions, exercises and games + 2 parent interventions.

Study Results: Increased HIV knowledge and condom-use skills.

Reference: Dinaj-Koci, V., Chen, X., Deveaux, L., Lunn, S., Li, X., Wang, B., … & Stanton, B. (2015). Developmental implications of HIV prevention during adolescence: Examination of the long-term impact of HIV prevention interventions delivered in randomized controlled trials in grade six and in grade 10. Youth & Society, 47(2), 151–172.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good