Educational or Curriculum

Draw the Line/Respect the Line Program

Initiative Description: Draw the Line/Respect the Line is a middle School Intervention to Reduce Sexual Risk Behaviors. it was a 20-session curriculum based on social cognitive theory and social inoculation theory that assisted students in developing their personal sexual limits and practicing the skills needed to maintain those limits even when they are challenged. Experienced health educators were hired to teach the lessons. Project staff trained these health educators before implementation. the curriculum served as the main source of HIV, other STD, and pregnancy prevention education.

Study Results: Delayed sexual initiation among boys, but not girls. Boys in the intervention condition also exhibited significantly greater knowledge than control students, perceived fewer peer norms supporting sexual intercourse, had more positive attitudes toward not having sex, had stronger sexual limits, and were less likely to be in situations that could lead to sexual behaviors.

Reference: Coyle, K. K., Kirby, D. B., Marín, B. V., Gómez, C. A., & Gregorich, S. E. (2004). Draw the Line/Respect the Line: A randomized trial of a middle school intervention to reduce sexual risk behaviors. American Journal of Public Health, 94(5), 843–851.

Level of Evidence: 3 out of 5 stars Very Good