Educational or Curriculum

The Skills for Healthy Relationships program

Initiative Description: A school-based HIV/AIDS/STD education program: The Skills for Healthy Relationships program. SHR comprises four units: (1) Information about AIDS and other STDs; (2) Responsible Behavior: Abstinence; (3) Responsible Behavior: Safer Sex; and (4) Health-Enhancing Supports. The entire program takes approximately 20 hours to teach and contains 31 learning activities for Grade 9 students to complete. Twenty-five of the activities is to be completed with teacher direction in class and in small groups with peer leaders. 6 activities are homework.

Study Results: Improved knowledge about STDs, attitudes towards people living with
AIDS, intentions to communicate assertively in sexual situations, and condom use skills.

Reference: Boyce, W. F., Warren, W. K., & King, A. J. C. (2000). The effectiveness of a school-based HIV education program: A longitudinal comparative evaluation skills for health relationships program. The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, 15(2), 93-116.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good