Initiative Description: School Based Clinic Staff members included administrative personnel, physicians, and nurses who were employed at either local health units or at the state health department located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Before each clinic, each school provided students with CDC-authored vaccine information statements and a standard immunization consent form to obtain parental or guardian consent for vaccination, health insurance information, vaccine contraindications, and preferences on vaccine type. SBC staff recorded the number of doses of influenza immunizations provided within 24 h of administration. Data were recorded in a web-based spreadsheet.

Study Results: For every 1% higher vaccination coverage, 0.027% fewer absenteeism days were predicted. The extrapolation of the model showed that a 10% higher vaccination level was associated with a reduction of 16-163 student absentee days per school over a 12-week influenza season.

Reference: Gicquelais RE, Safi H, Butler S, Smith N, Haselow DT. Association of school-based influenza vaccination clinics and school absenteeism—Arkansas, 2012-2013. J Sch Health. 2016; 86: 235-241.

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good