Initiative Description:

A validated questionnaire was used to identify children at risk for asthma and CM was provided to link these students to medical care and assure asthma action plans at school.

Of the 82 students identified during screening as at risk for asthma, all received school nurse contact with the parents; these contacts included phone calls, letters home, or visits with parents at the school office. During these contacts, the school nurse explained screening findings, determined whether the student was receiving asthma care, and if not, discussed options for care and referred the family to their selected provider.

Study Results: Average days absent due to illness in the CM group were reduced from 5.8 to 3.7 days in the postintervention school year.

Reference: Moricca, M. L., Grasska, M. A., BMarthaler, M., Morphew, T., Weismuller, P. C., & Galant, S. P. (2013). School asthma screening and case management: Attendance and learning outcomes. The Journal of School Nursing, 29(2), 104-112. doi:10.1177/105984051245266

Level of Evidence: 2 out of 5 stars Good